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Watch Susy In Action

19 Sep
"The social and solidarity economy is a movement that aims to change the current social and economic system. Solidarity economic principles serve as the new basis – principles based on solidary exchange that connects individual needs with those of the community." Hear from people in their own words how, why and where they are successfully putting solidarity economy principles into action and how they are contributing to the fight against poverty worldwide and the creation of better working conditions closer to home.

Make Fruit Fair project: Informed Consumers Change Lives for the Better

24 Aug
All too often, making a positive contribution to international development can feel difficult and out of reach. But a project funded by the Development Education Awareness Raising Programme enables European shoppers to make some simple, informed choices that have improved the lives of countless people in the developing world.

Social and Solidarity Economy European Map

11 Jul
The SUSY-MAP is a collaboration between SUSY and the mapping collective TransforMap, which aims to increase the visibility of the Social and Solidarity Economy in Europe and worldwide. 

"Gente Extraordinária" was the 1st film screened in the Social and Solidarity Economy film festival in Lisbon

08 May
Bunos dis! Günaydn! On 4th of May 2017 LARGO Café Estúdio filled up around 7pm with people to watch “Extraordinay People”, directed by Orhan Tekeolu. The way people living in the Turkish coast of the Black Sea find solutions to travel and communicate at one thousand meters of altitude or the way they pulse with collective experiences such as the “horon” dance has brought smiles and emotions among the audience.

Make Fruit Fair: Will new owners of Fyffes tackle continued labour rights abuses in Central America?

22 Feb
Twenty eight organisations from Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and the United States, gathered in Bologna this week, are calling on the directors of the newly acquired Fyffes to address continuing labour rights violations in Costa Rica and Honduras. In the face of the global Freedom & Fairness for Fyffes Workers campaign, systematic sackings of union members at Fyffes Honduran subsidiary Suragroh continue.

Labour rights on Lidl plantations: first achievements of Make Fruit Fair! campaign in Costa Rica and Ecuador

02 Dec
Pesticides, unfair salaries, exploitation: plantation workers in Ecuador and Costa Rica are grafting in order to produce fresh bananas and pineapples for our supermarket shelves. In our pan-European Lidl campaign, more than 75,000 people demand fair wages, health protection and trade union rights for plantation workers - resulting in first achievements: Two Lidl suppliers are starting to change the conditions on their plantations.

Film Festival “Social and Solidary Economy” What do the Turkish whistled language and the bank “Palmas” have in common?

22 Nov
The Film Festival Social and Solidarity Economy started in Gaia, at MANIFesta 2016, and will soon be in Lisbon. The program of Gaia was warmly received by the Cooperativa 3+ arte, a space of creation, attentive to the community, where a wide variety of artists finds today the opportunity to develop and share their works.

Seminar “Local Authorities towards 2030: Dialogues for Development” for an ethical system of production and consumption

21 Nov
The existence of programs that can respond to current key challenges, such as climate change and food security, is deemed urgent. Kozel Fraser brought the successful experience of fair trade practices of small producers in the Windward Islands (Caribbean) to the panel “Community Practices for Development”, during the morning of November 4th, within the framework of the seminar “Local Authorities towards 2030: Dialogues for Development”, at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, in Lisbon.

IMVF, Ecovisão e Abreu Advogados

11 Nov
These 3 complementary entities have common goals: to create a multidisciplinary offer of technologies, projects and services in Health, Agriculture and Forestry, Environmental Studies, Food Security, Water and Sanitation, Energy and Waste areas. They act in 4 continents: Africa, America, Asia and Europe. 
The IMVF is now present in all Portuguese speaking countries.
See our work in each one of them!