IMVF has been working in partnership with the Guinean NGO Tiniguena, in the conservation of natural resources, but also in social and economic development of one of the central areas of the Reserve of the Bolama-Bijagos Archipelago (RBABB): the Urok Islands.

“Bijagós, Bemba di Vida! Civic action for the rescue and recovery of world heritage site” is IMVF’s new environmental project in Guinea Bissau that has just started. With the main objective to actively contribute to the enhancement of the Biosphere Reserve of the Bolama Bijagós Archipelago, this project with an expected duration of 24 months (January 2013 to December 2015), will promote integrated and sustainable development of the region.

With this action, we intend to contribute to greater ownership by the local communities of  the process of conservation and sustainable development and at the same time help to attract sustainable investments. The project has estimated 600 direct beneficiaries of the activities to value the biodiversity products, eight member organisations of the working group on the valuing of the products of the land, structures of governance of the Marine Protected Areas of the Reserve (100 persons), 300 young people involved in cultural activities and knowledge production and 500 school pupils of the Marine Protected Areas.

In total, it is expected that the project will have indirect impact on the lives of about 34,000 inhabitants of the archipelago. “Bijagós, Bemba di Life! Civic action for the rescue and recovery of a world heritage site” is a project co-funded by the European Commission.

For more on the project view the project form.

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