Imagine that you place your advertising and marketing techniques for Global Citizenship in a bowl… and you start stirring. What do you get? 25 innovative and creative education actions, whose target is a new group – Active Urban Youth.

Over a 26 month period, a consortium of 5 European development NGOs promoted the Millennium Development Goals through a Casual Learning methodology. This approach uses marketing and advertising experiences adjusting them to Development education.

By using label stickers, trees made up of CDs and decorated with trash, luggage labels and mouse pads, bottle labels and films on fair trade and climate changes, we promoted Global Citizenship themes in a simple but not simplistic manner.

In Portugal the project “Active Urban Youth: Lifestyles and MDGs” was promoted by IMVF and co-financed by the European Commission with the support of Camões – Institute for Cooperation and Language.

If you, as us, wish to cook for a better World visit our kitchen at facebook and download our recipe book here.

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