“Current Challenges for Development Cooperation” was the theme for the debate, organised by IEEI – Institute for Strategic and International Studies, which took place on July 9th at the ISCTE Club.

Carlos Sangreman Proença, Professor at the University of Aveiro and researcher at CESA / ISEG, Fernando Jorge Cardoso, Director of Studies at IEEI, Jose Manuel Briosa e Gala, Special Representative for Africa of the Chairperson of the  European Commission, Manuela Franco, Director of the Diplomatic Institute, Paulo Ramalho, councilmen in charge of international relations for the Municipality of Maia, were the speakers at a table presided by Clare Chapman, Director for the Centre for African Studies of ISCTE – IUL.

Based on the discussion paper “Portugal and the current challenges for development cooperation” produced by IEEI, Fernando Jorge  Cardoso focused his analysis on four issues: the rapidly changing world and the changes that will happen in the International system; China’s role as a donor and its interference in the internal politics of the countries it supports; the relationship between business and official development assistance and finally the Portuguese action on development.

Carlos Sangreman, focused his speech on the importance of the proper use of funds for cooperation, and the need to implement the declarations of intent.

Briosa e Gala spoke on the difference of approach to Oficial Development Assistance according to the social conditions and economic and cultural needs of countries, the role of the new players in cooperation and in the fact that, currently, public aid for development is a reflexion of the international financial crisis.

Manuela Franco addressed the lack of mechanisms and instruments to measure the impact of cooperation policies as well as the dichotomy of action from emerging powers which created a new strategic competition in the area of cooperation.

Paulo Ramalho stressed the role of municipalities in cooperation with the cities that are twinned and the importance of the Project of Networking for Development, an initiative from IMVF which promotes dialogue between municipalities and coordinated aid.

Consult the reflexion document “Portugal and the Current Challenges for Development Cooperation”.

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