The Portuguese Platform for Development NGOs recently launched the publication “Aid Effectiveness and Development – Debates and Perspectives on the Development Assistance – regarding of the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness” (portuguese language).

The document, prepared for the Fourth High Level Forum on this issue – but goes beyond the scope of the forum – aspires to carry out a comprehensive analysis of what has been the international agenda regarding the effectiveness of development aid, reflecting on achievements, difficulties and challenges in the context of the global structure of development.

In addition to a discussion on the issues of the Forum, it also presents broader reflections from different perspectives, including official ones, academic and civil society reflections in order to be a useful tool for several Portuguese actors interested in this material.

From page 85 onwards there is a reflection from IMVF on Policy Coherence for Development (PCD) and its role in accomplishing a vaster objective: poverty eradication.

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