To strengthen cooperation work between Timorese NGOs, a General Meeting of the Network of Liquicá’s NGOs is scheduled for the 30th and 31st of January, at the Cidadania Mais (More Citizenship) space, created by the IMVF’s project “More Citizenship More Development”.

Opened in February 2012, this space has strengthened the work of IMVF in Timor in the fields of technical assistance and promotion of citizenship, thereby contributing to strengthening the skills and training of local organisations, key factors for the process of development of this country.

This view is shared by the Government of East Timor, which sees decentralised governance as being essential for exercising citizenship and for socio-economic growth. The strengthening of civil society organisations and their district networks is decisive in promoting a greater participation in local development processes.

At the General Meeting, which will bring together approximately 20 Civil Society Organisations, the review of the activities developed by the network in 2012 will take place as well as a lecture by the local government on the importance of the relationship between local authorities and civil society to promote development. The site of Cidadania Mais (More Citizenship) will also be launched.

The Cidadania Mais (More Citizenship) space, as an unprecedented multipurpose infrastructure to support Civil Society Organisations of the Liquica district, now in full operation, can be considered an example for cooperation between Non State Actors and Local Authorities and an idea to replicate in other districts of East Timor.

The “More Citizenship More Development” with expected duration until December 2013, is co-financed by the European Commission and Camões – ICL and relies on the Ministry of Economy and Development of East Timor as an associated entity and the ETADEP Foundation as a partner.

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