The IMVF film Fala di Mindjeris: Guinea-Bissau Women was exhibited at the main salon of the Rights House (Casa dos Direitos) in Old Bissau to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on the 25th of November.

The event had about one hundred participants, including women of different social strata, to reflect jointly on the different forms of violence and discrimination that women endure all over the world and especially in Guinea-Bissau. After the exhibition of the film there was a debate on the issue facilitated by Sara Negrão (Gender Counsellor/ UNIOGBIS) which had as speakers the main characters of the documentary that through their testimony admitted an increase in the recognition and respect of Guinean women rights during the last years, which was welcomed by all.

Throughout the debate the interest in taking these issues to Bissau neighbourhoods was clear, especially to reach young people and raise awareness, inform and educate on gender issues, preventing future generations from repeating the mistakes of the past.

This was a joint initiative of IMVF, CIDEAL, IEPALA, Bragança Polytechnic Institute and Casa dos Direitos.

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