With the ultimate goal of contributing to the strengthening of civil society organizationorganisations as key actors in the development of the Municipality, the this year?s conference focused this year on the theme against poverty combaton the fight against poverty.

This was one of several municipal conferences that preceded the completion of the provincial conferences, which in turn culminated in the National Civil Society Conference of Civil Society, to be held this year in the province of Malange.

Part of a process that begun five years ago, the National Civil Society Conference of Civil Society’s primary goal is to strengthen civil society in Angola and make it more capable and active in the country?s process of to achieve sustainable socioeconomic development in the country.

As part of theThe programme and discussion of the Second Conference of the Ecunha Municipality a presentation and took part with a a discussion on twowas centred on two main themes: 1) analysis of the Ecunha Municipal Development – encompassing the Integrated Programme to Combat Poverty, Access to Credit and land conflict management of land and 2) participatory analysis of city civil society structures in civil society within the city, including a reflection on the role of Civil Society OrganizationOrganisations in the development of the municipality and the role of the Council of Social Dialogue and Consultation on in the definition of municipal priorities.

At Thethis conference was attended by the Ecunha City Manager and representatives of Banco Bank Sol,  and EDA and the Provincial Planning and Urbanism Directorate.

To close, various participants of the Provincial Conference were elected and the final resolution was. Was adopted.

This is Aan initiative of the Project to Promote Local Democratic Governance, sponsored by IMVF in partnership with the Municipal Administration of Ecunha and with the support of the European Commission.

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