With over 60 years of experience in promoting the issues of Development Cooperation and engaged in promoting sustainability, IMVF coordinates the European Campaign “Go Local: Towards a Sustainable City” co-financed by the European Union and the Portuguese Cooperation.

More than a project, the “Go Local” campaign will project the voice of Municipalities in an increasingly interdependent and global world. A world exposed to new economic, social and environmental challenges, which mirrors the society’s need to adopt dynamic, effective and efficient responses, which will promote sustainable development.

Because we believe that the answers to the glocal challenges are based on a path of sustainability, growth, innovation, cooperation and development, we invite the Portuguese Municipalities to join us in a project of inestimable value for the promotion of sustainable human development.

Together we will walk a path of sustainability, capable of supporting and elevating policies for Sustainable Human Development.

You can view the project website here: www.cidadesglocais.org.

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