Under the motto “Do not lock ODA in a box” IMVF sent a letter to all the Portuguese parliamentary groups on the 17th of October, the date of delivery to the Parliament of the proposed State Budget for 2012.

Despite the current economic and social context, IMVF wants to remind them that the “crisis disproportionately hits the poorest countries which have seen further increase in their deficit for Sustainable Development.”

The letter reads that ?with a view to the eradication of poverty, Portugal cannot fail to align its domestic policies to foreign policy. Despite the increasingly limited budgets, it is imperative that ODA would definitely become part of a Development Partnership.”

So, IMVF advocated for a sustainable, effective and transparent ODA. A theme that IMVF has been working under Project Coerência.pt.

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Know more at https://coerencia.pt ? Why is Development a shared responsibility? What will be your role?

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