At the end of the second year of the project to improve access to basic social services in Indonesia, the construction works on the water supply system of 10 villages on the island of Flores are completed, with about 7.379 direct beneficiaries.

Intervening in the country since January 2011, IMVF, in partnership with the administration of the regency of Flores Timur and with the financing of the Portuguese Cooperation, has the goal to support the implementation of policies and local development strategies, focusing on strengthening and extending basic social infrastructures within the most vulnerable communities.

With the first year dedicated to performing diagnostics and technical studies, 2012 was exclusively dedicated to the component of water supply. Eleven months after the start of this activity, the construction works on the four springs and 10 villages in the district of Larantuka are completed, with the strengthening of systems of collection, water supply, storage and distribution.

In the 10 villages benefitted by the project also took place activities of awareness and training in the maintenance of water supply systems in order to guarantee the sustainability and continuity of the project.

More information on the project to Enhance Access to Basic Social Services in Indonesia here.

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