In his official message this year, on the International Migrants Day, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon stated that “migrants don’t have only fear and uncertainty they also have hope, courage and determination to build a better life”. He also says that “with the right support, (migrants) can contribute to the progress of society”.

Sharing this premise, IMVF began in September the Project “No Borders: Training, Acting, Entrepreneuring” in order to strengthen the integration of migrants in Portugal, promoting their economic security and financial independence.

Until March 2014, IMVF will develop training sessions ranging from the teaching of Portuguese language and concepts related to economics and finance, to entrepreneurship, provision of expert technical advice and support to entrepreneurial projects and the launch of a contest that will award the best ideas from migrants’ projects, offering financial support for the implementation of these initiatives.

With co-financing provided by the European Union, through the DG of Home Affairs, under the action of the European Community for the Integration of Third Country Nationals, the project is led by Italian NGO ACRA – Cooperazione Rurale in Africa and Latin America, and has as partners the training entity FORMAPER Italian (Formazione e Servizi per l’imprenditorialità), the Italian NGO CO.LI.DO.LAT (Coordinamento Ligure Latinoamericane Donne), the Spanish SA Foundation (Fundación Acoge Sevilla), the Spanish Association of Municipalities FAMSI (Andalusian Municipalities Fondo para la Solidaridad Internacional) and the Belgian NGO CAAD. In Portugal, IMVF is the partner responsible for boosting the planned activities.

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