The office of PDSA (Decentralised Programme for Food Security and Nutrition of Guinea-Bissau) is carrying out a training session on Pedagogical Techniques, for agronomists and animators of the Regional Integration Programme (PIR) of the NGOs that implement the PDSA.

According to the person in charge of Training, Djulde Djaló, this training will “strengthen the skills of the trainees to communicate the knowledge they have acquired in their training to their organisations and communities”.

As an expert on pedagogical techniques, Raquel Biscaia, trainer and pedagogical consultant more recently working with NGOs, expects that NGO technicians are aware of the handbook’s existence and that when it is time to prepare training sessions they have a chance to apply what they have learned in these training sessions to the communities in which they work.

For trainee José da Silva “the training is interesting because it helps to create training programmes and to use pedagogical methodologies at a theoretical and practical level”.

The training will end on the 21st of February and three other training sessions will take place until October, when the project ends. The sessions will be on the following subjects: Profitability of Agricultural Equipments, Animation and Community Leadership and Operating and Maintaining Agricultural Equipments.

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