The European project implemented in Portugal by the IMVF “Challenge the crisis – promote global justice and citizens’ commitment in times of uncertainty” it is one of the planners of the global event “Light the way” in Portugal, which took place last Thursday, 24th of September, from 4pm, at Praça D. Pedro IV (Rossio), in Lisbon.

This global action, promoted by the international movement Action 2015, is carried out the day before the United Nations Summit for the Sustainable Development Goals, where world leaders from 193 countries are going to meet in order to decide the new global goals regarding Development, that will have the mission of stopping the most urgent problems of our times: poverty, inequality and climate change. Action 2015 its one of the major campaigns of the civil society in the world, formed by more than 2.000 organizations in 150 countries.

In the scope of the “Light the way” initiative, in Lisbon, every person that walks by Rossio from 4pm of the 24th September can write in a wall his or her wishes for the world in 2030, get a better insight on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that the world will have to materialize until 2030, take a photograph in a special scenario or participate in the elaboration of a video which will be used to promote the Sustainable Development Objectives. At 8pm the street lights of Rossio will be off during some minutes and 17 lit balloons, referencing the SDG, will be released to towards the Lisbon sky.

The organization of the initiative explains that the lit balloons “represent the hope in the creation of a fairest and sustainable world in 2030. The light symbolizes not only a new chance, but also peoples strength in lighting their own path and of the people that will place media holophotes in world leaders’ direction in order for them to comply with their promises. This summit it is an historical opportunity to accelerate the progress towards a better future. The world objectives, which will be announced on the 25th September have the potential of giving shape to the next 15 years of global development and create a spur to achieve a long term agreement in December about the climate changes.”

This initiative promoted by the international movement Action 2015, organized in Portugal by the project of the IMVF “Challenge the Crisis” and by the European Year for Development with the support of the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, the NGOD Portuguese Platform, and the UNRIC – Centro Regional de Informação das Nações Unidas.

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New agenda for 2030

The United Nations Summit begins on the 25th of September, in New York, and it will be attended by 193 world leaders who will compromise with the adoption of 17 global development goals, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The new agenda of action, which will take place during the next 15 years, resulting from the work and cooperation of government and citizens in the whole world in order to create a new global model which will put an end to extreme poverty, fight against inequality and unfairness, correct the climate changes, based on the progresses and lessons learned from the 8 Millennium Development Goals, between 2000 and 2015.

Which are the 17 SDG?

Goal 1: Poverty Eradication
Goal 2: Hunger Eradication
Goal 3: Health Equality
Goal 4: Quality Education
Goal 5: Genre Equality
Goal 6: Drinkable water and sanitation
Goal 7: Energy security
Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth
Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Goal 10: Inequality reduction
Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities
Goal 12: Responsible consumption
Goal 13: Climate change fight
Goal 14: Sea life protection
Goal 15: Protection of terrestrial objectives
Goal 16: Peace and Justice
Goal 17: Global partnership for sustainable development

Source: UNRIC – Centro Regional de Informação das Nações Unidas

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