What does it mean Education for Global Citizenship, what is the importance of its promotion, what are the results of the online survey, concerning this topic, sent to Civil Society Organizations in Germany, Portugal and Romania? These are some of the questions answered in the study developed by the partners of the Awakening to Global Education project.
The purpose of this study is to trace a common platform that will be the basis of the work developed by all participants in Education for Global Citizenship (ECG), to analyse the crucial requirements for further development of the project’s activities and to constitute itself as a consistent input to an extended debate about ECG. For such, very clear aspects about the situation of Education for Global Citizenship were identified in Germany, Portugal and Romania, and at the European level.

The main goal of the Awakening to Global Education project is the development of courses targeting representatives of the Civil Society of partner countries, preparing themselves to act as multipliers in Education for Global Citizenship and providing up-to-date workshops and the development of skills, knowledge and comprehension about the theory and practice of ECG. The consequent increase of the number of qualified multipliers in this area, in Europe, will contribute to an improvement of global equality of ECG.

The Awakening to Global Education project – Reinforce the skills of members of European Civil Society Organizations is funded by the European Union and, in Portugal, it is supported by Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua, I.P., and it is implemented by IMVF and AIDGLOBAL. In Germany, it is implemented by DEAB, the leader of the project, by FINEP and EPiZ. In Romania, the project is implemented by APSD-Agenda 21.

Global Study What? is available for consult and download here.

Find more about this project here.

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