ADREPES – Associação de Desenvolvimento Regional da Península de Setúbal and MONTE-ACE were the two good-practices selected under the SUSY – SUstainable and Solidarity economY project, implemented in Portugal by the IMVF. The result of the work is now published and available online for consultation and download.

ADREPES was created in 2001 in Palmela and represents local populations and producers. The main goal of this association is to promote the rural, coastal and urban development of Setúbal’s Peninsula at economic, social, environmental and cultural levels, having the mission of permanently searching, in articulation with the local agents, for innovative and distinctive ways that contribute to the creation of value and development, increasing life quality and empowerment of people, reinforcement of the competitiveness of the business sector, preservation and valorisation of the environmental heritage and promotion of cultural identity.

One of the projects implemented by ADREPES which is also presented in this study is PROVE. This project began in 2004 and it arose from the need to reduce the increasing desertion of agricultural activity, mainly due to farmers’ difficulties in selling their products and by the consumers in searching quality products and the willing to meet the producers, through the motto “know your farmer, know the quality of your food”. The main goal of PROVE is to shorten the distances between small farmers and the consumers. Thus, the producers can sell their production at a fair price for their work and the consumers get quality products, contacting directly the local producers, in a project that MONTE-ACE is actively involved as well.

MONTE-ACE is a non-profit association, created in 1996, it is based in Arraiolos, and promotes interventions at a local, regional and international level, looking for the sustainable and inclusive development of rural communities and has the mission of stimulating the social and economic development of rural regions and promote processes of local governance, mainly in the Central Alentejo Region, but also in Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde.

With a team located in Guinea Bissau, MONTE-ACE has been promoting several Development boosters’ projects of rural areas, supporting entrepreneurship and profits management, helping the promotion of associativism. One of these projects is Sustainable Management of Forest Resources in the Natural Park of Tarrafes of Cacheu, with a 4-year duration (2012-2016). This project’s goal is to fight the process of degradation of the forest vegetation in the region, through a sustainable and participated management of natural resources by the local people.

Besides these good-practices studies, were made 2 videos in which is possible to testify the presented processes.

ADREPES: Study & Video
MONTE-ACE: Study & Video

Beyond these studies, the project aims to spread the Social and Solidarity Economy in Portugal and to contribute to the promotion of a new paradigm of economic development, in order to fight poverty and to share a balanced and sustainable way of life.

More information about the project here.
Photos Source: António Fonseca.

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