These 3 complementary entities have common goals: to create a multidisciplinary offer of technologies, projects and services in Health, Agriculture and Forestry, Environmental Studies, Food Security, Water and Sanitation, Energy and Waste areas. They act in 4 continents: Africa (Angola, Camaroon, Cape Verde, Gabon, Guinea Bissau, Mauritania, Marocco, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal and Zambia), America (Brazil and Venezuela), Asia (China, Indonesia, Macau, Oman and East Timor) and Europe (France, Spain, Portugal and Romania).

See the portfolio of services provided and its main target groups and partners in the different areas of intervention:

Agriculture and Forestry
Environmental Studies
Food Security
Water and Sanitation

More information about Ecovisão, IMVF and Abreu Advogados

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