Bunos dis! Günaydn! On 4th of May 2017 LARGO Café Estúdio filled up around 7pm with people to watch “Extraordinay People”, directed by Orhan Tekeolu. The way people living in the Turkish coast of the Black Sea find solutions to travel and communicate at one thousand meters of altitude or the way they pulse with collective experiences such as the “horon” dance has brought smiles and emotions among the audience.

At the end of the movie, Alberto Fernandes, from the “Associação Frauga” de Picote, Miranda do Douro, spoke about the defence and promotion of the identity of those who, throughout time, developed a very own language and culture in Portugal. Mirandês is officially recognised as a national language since 1999 and is taught at a school in Miranda do Douro, where it is used daily, especially in small villages. Although, there is a need to promote this language and very rich culture and heritage – like dance and music –, allowing more people to know it.

In the end there was time for a gastronomical moment. The Turkish dish Mussaka was the king of the night, offered by IMVF and wonderfully cooked by LARGO Café Estúdio, as stated by all the presents, who took the chance to know each other better.

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By: Âmago Multimédia

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