Yes, it is true! We look young but IMVF has been working in Global learning since 1999, thus proving that it is possible to combine vintage & retro with innovation and boldness.

19 years of experience, 21 European dimension projects, 7 national projects have allowed IMVF to work in different areas of intervention, approaching several topics, targeting multiple audiences while addressing global development challenges.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to overwhelm you with a “nineteen years once upon a time” story. If you only like to know what we have be working on, visit our amazing “What we do” section and drop us a line (or two).

Well, we couldn’t resist…we have been doing an amazing job with Youth, Local Authorities and Municipalities, Museums and cultural/artistic organisations, CSOs, Universities, Trade Unions, Multinationals…you name it! Campaigns, Advocacy, Training, Awareness Raising, Communication & Information, Research (yep, Strategic Studies and Development) have been at the core of our actions.

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