Ianda Guiné! Djuntu


Considering the understanding and recognition by the European Commission of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) as vital partners for decision-makers, as they are best placed to know population’s needs in terms of development, it presented itself as of the utmost importance, that after the existence of the support program for civil society “EU-PAANE Nô Pintcha pa Dizinvolvimento”, followed by a transition phase, that the European Union renews its commitment, “EU-PAANE Nô Pintcha pa Dizinvolvimento – Fase di Kambansa” through the design of a civil society strategy, to “make it a key agent in the definition and implementation of national development policies”.

It is within this framework that Ianda Guiné has a Civil Society component.



Direct: Guinean Civil Society Organizations and their members and associates.

Indirect: Population of Guinea-Bissau (1,565,815 inhabitants).



Overall: Strengthen the participation of citizens and their organizations in providing and accessing local services.

Specific: Support citizens and their organizations to implement initiatives to provide and access local services; improving resilience and local problem-solving skills of citizens and CSOs; strengthening CSOs participation in the dialogue processes, networking and dissemination of data and knowledge.



Implementation of initiatives to provide and access local services by citizens and their organizations.

  • Financing CSOs initiatives for resolution of local problems, with benefits to the population, including providing basic services; 
  • Monitoring and technical assistance to CSOs initiatives.


Improvement of resilience and local problem solving skills for citizens and CSOs.

  • Support the CSO institutional strengthening and capacity building, including community radios;
  • Support for institutional and media strengthening.


Strengthening the participation of CSOs in the dialogue processes, networking and dissemination of data and knowledge.

  • Elaboration of activities that contribute to knowledge access, sharing and capitalization of experiences promoted by civil society and other partners;
  • Elaboration of specific studies related to civil society;
  • Support to institutional strengthening and partner’s capacity building.