Who is IMVF?

IMVF – Instituto Marquês de Valle Flôr is a Foundation for development and cooperation. It is a private entity, from the non-lucrative sector, acknowledged as an institution of public utility.

How does IMVF successfully manage a project?

Projects are managed by IMVF’s technical team, headquarters based, in Lisbon and monitored by regular field missions in order to provide a more in depth follow up and closer work with local teams. Project implementation is done in partnership with local NGOs, governmental institutions, among others, that allocate their field expertise on behalf of the projects, thus ensuring their success.

How are IMVF’s projects financed? 

IMVF’s projects are financed by the important support of our partners and donors and also by IMVF’s own financial resources.

Does IMVF have a volunteer’s hosting programme?

Currently, IMVF doesn´t have a regular volunteer´s hosting programme. All individuals interested in volunteering should contact the Portuguese Platform of Non-Governmental Development Organisations. This is the most suitable organisation to provide clarifications and information on volunteering, which NGDOs receive volunteers and in which activity areas can be applied for.

Does IMVF accept funding requests?

IMVF´s financial resources are applied in specific projects, within the institution’s framework and according to each country´s intervention strategy. However, whenever it is duly relevant and considered an added value towards IMVF’s core goals, cooperation protocols can be established thus foreseeing IMVF’s support either as financial resources or as logistic and/or technical support.

Does IMVF accept applications?

Curricula vitae can be sent to comunicacao@imvf.org so as to be included in our contact database for future opportunities: internships, expert short field missions or integrate our headquarters team. Our available job positions are published in our website.