In response to a reduced supply of books in the country, the teachers from the Portuguese Cooperation Project “School+” launched the challenge: to collect schoolbooks, dictionaries, technical books and children’s books, thereby enhancing the availability throughout the in various schools.

With the donations, it is expected the aim is to establish school libraries in schools that have space for this purpose. For the others, there will be a travelling library.

Encouraging reading is the ultimate goal of this action “Read to Learn +” which is open to publishers and anyone who individually wants to make a contribution.

This action is a parallel initiative to the “School+” project – a project of reform and dinamization streamlining of secondary education in Sao Tome and Principe – an initiative of the Portuguese Cooperation in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Training and Culture of Sao Tome and Principe and executed by IMVF.

You can contribute to School libraries in Sao Tome and Principe with:
Children’s Books
Portuguese Speaking Authors
School Books (used in the last 6 years)
Translated Authors
Children’s Encyclopaedias
Dictionaries (Portuguese; Port-Eng; Eng-Port; Port-Fran; Fran-Port)
Horrível Collection
technical books up to the 12th grade

Donations could be delivered to:
ADM  Estrela – Núcleo de Lisboa
Urbanização Vale de Alcântara / Bairro da Liberdade Lote 4 Nível 2 Loja 3 e 4
1070-065 Lisboa, Portugal
Or sent by email to:
Sandra Meia-Onça / Bairro da Cooperação Portuguesa
C.P. 960  / São Tomé

For further informations, please contact: or

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