As part of IMVF’s Project for the Enhancement of the Cultural and Historical heritage of the Island of Maio, in Cape Verde, the rehabilitation works at São Jose’s Fort are already completed, with local population waiting for the monument’s inauguration, which is now also an important hub for the promotion of local culture and regional products.

The São José Fort, built in the eighteenth century, is one of the historical landmarks of the island of Maio and of Cape Verde in general, keeping its original structure in the midst of the 21st century however, its precarious and degraded status prevented that the monument of opening for tours, losing an important tourist and cultural reference of the island.

IMVF, in partnership with the Maio City Council, supported the rehabilitation of the Fort, by  painting the building, replacing the inside cannons, installing electricity, preparing and placing tile panels with the history of Isle of Maio and creating and equipping a multi-purpose multipurpose to support tourism and culture and sale traditional local products (such as salt, cheese, textiles, pottery, etc.), run thematic exhibitions and other cultural enhancement activities.

The official inauguration of the Fort will be at the end of rehabilitation of the surrounding area, at a date to be announced shortly.

This project is co-financed by the European Union.

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