As part of the Tekki-Fii – Building a Future: Make it in The Gambia project, on February 29th, a harvesting of peppers took place in Nyagen, in the Central River Region. Tekki-Fii partners IMVF and ADWAC – Agency For The Development of Women and Children, facilitated the linkage between the pepper farmers and the buyer who will supply both the national and international markets.

This connection with this buyer – Tropingo – is part of IMVF’s value chain approach which goes beyond farming, aiming to strengthen business relationships between producers’ groups and other value chain actors.

We the people of Nyagen are extremely happy to see Tropingo come to this village and buy our pepper at a better price compared to the local markets we are used to. A special thanks to IMVF and ADWAC who facilitated this business, remarked Baba Ceesay, secretary general of the Nyagen Village Development Committee.

Ceesay appealed to NGOs and the government to come to their aid to address the problem of accessing water in their gardens. He observed that the stream is drying and watering the peppers is becoming a huge challenge.

Also in January of this year, IMVF and ADWAC supplied garden tools to some communities in NBR and CRR including Nyagen, to make the horticultural sector a profitable enterprise for this CRR community.

Agriculture remains one of the most important sectors in most developing economies and a critical priority area of development, in particularly concerning the price escalation of staple food items. This sector is at the base of our food systems and agriculture represents the main source of income for many families in the developing world.


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