ADWAC’s staff, our Tekki Fii – Building a Future: Make it in The Gambia partner, has made it possible to quickly deliver to our beneficiaries in Kaur, Ballanghar and Nyangen in CRR and in Buniadou, Njoofen, Jokadou Karantaba, Illiassa in NBR, 16 large buckets and taps, 16 small buckets, 2 cartons of Dettol liquid, 36 pieces of Madar liquid soap, 32 cartons of floor cleaners and 80 pieces of bleach. The distribution of the items went along with sensitization of community members about COVID-19 focusing on the following:

• Situation of the pandemic globally, in The Gambia and in Senegal;
• Brief explanation on the mode of transfer;
• Safety precautions recommended by the Ministry of Health, the Gambian Government and the World Health Organization;
• The use and upkeeping of the equipment provided;
• Demonstration on proper handwashing;
• Impact assessment of the pandemic on the livelihoods of beneficiaries.

We keep working together as #PartnersinDevelopment

IMVF ensures the implementation of the Tekki Fii Program component assigned to Portuguese Cooperation, in partnership with the Agency for the Development of Women & Children (ADWAC), Alianza por la Solidaridad and United Purpose. The Tekki Fii Program is funded by the European Union Trust Fund for Africa.

The project aims to contribute to the socio-economic development of rural areas by helping to mitigate some of the drivers of irregular migration.


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