On the 28th and 29th of May 2020, in the scope of the Tekki Fii – Building a Future: Make it in The Gambia, a project funded by the European Union, IMVF and partner ADWAC – Agency for The Development of Women and Children, distributed weighing scales to vegetable gardens of Illiassa, Buniadu, Njoofen, Niumi Lamen and Nyagen, in the North Bank Region (NBR) and Central River Region (CRR) of The Gambia.

At harvest time, growers need to know how much yield their lands produce. This is one area where weighing scales come into play. They help to measure harvested crop in order to know how much is available for them to sell in a given season. This information is used by both the women and agricultural extension workers to keep track of yields for different strains of the same crop and to help calculate revenues from a harvest.

As for vegetables, weighing is a standard practice of the trade. Whether it is grain, fruits or greens, farmers usually price their produce as per a given weight measurement, which needs to be accurate and reliable.

The Agricultural Extension Worker of Niani District of CRR, Alpha Jallow highlighted how important the scales will be to improve the way they work with the garden women for proper data collection:

“this scale couldn’t have come at a better time than this time when some of the gardens are almost ready for harvest, this will be able to give us the correct data we will need for future use” he said.

Tekki Fii is working with the youths and women of CRR and NBR to reinforce agriculture value chains and strengthen agribusiness activities.

Building a Future: Make it in The Gambia project is funded by the European Union Emergency Trust Fund and implemented by IMVF, ADWAC, Alianza por la Solidaridad and United Purpose, with the institucional support of Portuguese Cooperation.


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