On March 21st 2021, IMVF in partnership with Activista The Gambia through the Tekki-Fii – Bulding a Future: Make it in The Gambia project concluded the third and final batch of a four-day training for teachers on Irregular migration at Gam Swiss Guest House in Basse of Upper River Region (URR).

The training targeted 50 teachers selected within the Regions of North Bank Region (NBR), Lower River Region (LRR), Central River Region (CRR), and Upper River Region (URR), who have also worked on a work plan to implement different activities on irregular migration in their various schools and communities. 

The participants were trained on the causes of what is irregular migration, effects of irregular migration on the economy and its social impact, and safe migration options. Migrant returnees have provided testimonies. The training aimed at equipping participants with enough knowledge on migration and at promoting transfer of knowledge to the students and communities.  

Activista was the institution providing the training. Omar Danso, coordinating the training on the field, expressed satisfaction with the training and highlighted how impressive the action plans developed by the participants. 

“I have high hope in the type of participants we had in this training, they are all young and energetic and I can see the passion in them to go back to their schools and communities to implement the activities they have prepared. The action plans I have seen here today are very impressive and I have no doubt that the knowledge gained here will be put into good use,”he said. 

The lead trainer, Saikou Bah, also pleaded with the participants to not only share the knowledge acquired with the students but also at all levels in the country

“You were all selected from your schools with high hope for both the schools and your communities at large, so you all have a big task and responsibility to play in disseminating the information gathered here within the past few days, you owe it to not only the school but even your community, therefore, I plead with all of you to share the knowledge gained here as much as you can.” he concluded.

In the words of Joana Martins, the Tekki Fii Project Coordinator from IMVF

“Sensitizing school going youths and their families not only on the risks of irregular migration but also on the existing opportunities in The Gambia is key to promote youth’s ability to find meaningful occupations when entering the labor market. The role of teachers is key to build their hope on the possibility to make it here.”

Tekki Fii through IMVF is working with 25 upper basic and senior secondary schools of NBR, LRR, CRR and URR.

The Tekki Fii project is funded by the European Union (European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa) and implemented by IMVF in partnership with ADWAC, Alianza por la Solidaridad, and United Purpose, with the institutional support of The Portuguese Cooperation (Camões, I.P.).

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