IMVF, through the Tekki Fii project in partnership with North Bank Regional Youth Committee, is currently embarking on a 14-day awareness raising campaign on the availability of the Tekki Fii grants, other youth opportunities in The Gambia and a sensitization campaign on irregular migration.

The campaign is geared towards educating youths on the dangers associated with the backway, informing about options of safe migration and about opportunities available in the country by the different service providers.  

Emotional moments were captured during the activities as a returnee shared her tormenting story and what she faced trying to reach Europe through the Mediterranean Sea, a journey that was tragically cut short with many dead among fellow youths.

Sheriffo Mboge, the NBR regional program officer from nation Youth Council expressed concerns as to how the youths in his region need to be more informed about the available opportunities under the Tekki Fii project especially those interested in Agribusiness.

“We aimed to go reach to all the youths in this Region because we do not want any youth to be left out in these projects. The European Union provide these funds through grants so we will not think about leaving the country through the backway. So, the youth folk need to be informed about these opportunities so they can grab them”, he said.

The campaign is targeting 16 wards and as many youths as possible.

Tekki Fii project coordinator from IMVF, Joana Martins, also said “raising awareness among the youths it’s the first step for a transformational procedure, where the youths will be better informed and able to tackle the opportunities made available to them in their own country and regions, namely in terms of access to finance and skills improvement in the agribusiness sector.”

The Tekki Fii project is funded by the European Union (European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa) and implemented by IMVF in partnership with ADWACAlianza por la Solidaridad, and United Purpose, with the institutional support of The Portuguese Cooperation (Camões, I.P.).

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