On June 15th and 16th Tekki-Fii project Grantees gathered at National Association of Cooperative Credit Unions of The Gambia (NACCUG). 114 agro-entrepreneurs came together to discuss achievements, challenges, and ways forward. It was a moment for networking and sharing inspiring cases of youth-led businesses.

“One of the best things we have been doing in these two days is networking and building connections. If we do nothing with these connections, they are useless. But they will be incredibly useful if used to share information”. Joana Martins, IMVF Project Coordinator 

I am really very proud to be associated with you especially with what you have achieved so far”. Patrick Mendy, NACCUG representative, addressing the grantees

“Even when the project phases out, we are here for you, our doors are open”. Madou Camara, Regional Livestock Diretor LRR manifesting their technical support to grantees in animal husbandry sector

“My business has grown, and my production is wide now because of the grant support I received from IMVF. From 2021 until now my profit has been massive due to this trust and incredible portray of good production. My community gave me a wide piece of land to further expand and strengthen my poultry business and I couldn’t be more grateful. I am now an employer to over 4 people in my business and I can’t wait to do much more”. Ebrima Danso, 23, Bamba Kunda Poultry Farm, LRR

“I started with 100 chicks, I now have 300 chicks ongoing and also from the profits of my poultry I have now extended to ram farming.” James Gomez, Agro Smart Poultry Farming, NBR

Pa Modou started his business in 2017 with about 4 animals, until 2021 when he received his Tekki Fii ago-grant: “I started as a grantee, and I am now a supplier bagging contracts worth a million and more, both national and outside the country. I still have my business expanding and as well as strengthening it to bigger level all in the span of 1 year. I have grown impeccably, and I couldn’t be any prouder of how far I have come, since beginning with this support”.  Pa Modou Gaye, 34, Gaye and Sons Farm, NBR

“From the profits and produce of the grant, that’s where I raised money to expand into poultry, seedlings, and sheep fattening. Thanks to IMVF I am now an investor handling several businesses as well as employing a good number of people. I now raise up to 75000 seedlings with my machine with a production of 12000 dalasis on a constant monthly base. Not only am I reaping the impact of the grant provided, but also the visibility track IMVF has given me by exposing my work on its social media platforms. Because of which I now have international connections and clients from outside the Gambia. Now I am informed, changed, and a change maker”. Muhammed Keita, 33, Keita Farm and Agroprocessing Enterprise

The Tekki Fii project is funded by the European Union (European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa) and implemented by IMVF in partnership with ADWACAlianza por la Solidaridad, and United Purpose, with the institutional support of The Portuguese Cooperation (Camões, I.P.).


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