On 9 and 10 June, People & Planet joined thousands of young Europeans at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on the European Youth Event (EYE). This was the 5th edition of this event, which aimed to discuss the future of Europe in a comprehensive way with young citizens.

For our project, young people are the main agents of change. As such, they could not fail to be the stars of the DEAR People & Planet event, entitled ‘Bringing People and Planet closer together: young people are here to help!’

Artur Szlęzak from Poland, Iulia Maria Ionita from Romania, Maria Fiorina from Italy and Orla Hayes from Ireland shared their personal stories on how they became climate activists with 20 other young people. Awareness-raising campaigns, active citizenship, sustainable marketing, fact-checking…there were many shared experiences that formed the basis of group work on how to motivate collective change.

After 1h30 of discussion, People & Planet left EYE2023 with many ideas developed by young people on how to transform individual practices into collective actions.

We will compile all these suggestions in a cookbook with tips, or key ingredients, on how to leverage these sustainable actions to motivate real change. Stay tuned on our channels to find out more about this outcome!

People and Planet: A Common Destiny is a pan-European project to mobilise young citizens and global authorities in the fight against Climate Change. It is funded by the European Union through the DEAR Programme, with co-financing from Camões, I.P., involving 17 organisations (local authorities and CSOs) from 8 EU Member States and Cape Verde, under the coordination of the Loures Municipality. In Portugal, the project is implemented by the consortium composed by the Municipality of Loures, IMVF, RICD and FUEL.

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