The 6th Meeting between Guinean Diaspora Organisations organised by the Ianda Guiné! Djuntu, Action, as part of Diaspora Involvement, aims to promote long-term networking. This meeting will focus on the dynamics of formalising the network and will be facilitated by the Ianda Guiné! Djuntu.

During previous meetings – under the theme of the Bissau-Guinean diaspora, as a development actor – experiences, contacts, methods and the main benefits of networking between organisations were shared, involving national and international political bodies, representatives of the national diaspora and organised citizens’ groups in a structured and participatory dialogue.

All the meetings were attended by many Guinean diaspora organisations and proved to be crucial for exchanging essential information between organisations, such as the advantages of associations and knowledge of the important role that Guinean emigrant organisations play in development and the local economy.

The meetings with Diaspora Organisations have been attended by development partners such as various Collectives of Organised Citizens in Guinea-Bissau, the General Directorate of Communities in Guinea-Bissau, the Embassies of Guinea-Bissau in Belgium, France, Angola and Brazil, and the IOM and UNDP in Guinea-Bissau.

During these meetings, fundamental work has been done to map the organisations and promote their respective areas of intervention; the Diaspora website was created, which also functions as the Network’s platform:

Register on the 6th Meeting here.

The Ianda Guiné! Djuntu, together with the Bissau-Guinean Diaspora Organisations, has developed a network that fosters coordination and consultation between diaspora organisations to make their investment in Guinea-Bissau’s development more effective.

Implemented by IMVF, Ianda Guinea! Djuntu is one of 8 Actions of the Ianda Guiné! Nó lanta, nó pega – a European Union programme of social and economic opportunities for the people of Guinea-Bissau.

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