The Bissau-Guinean Diaspora Website provides updates and interesting news articles about upcoming events and activities in the Diaspora.

Presented at the 2nd meeting of the Ianda Guiné! Djuntu Action on March 31st 2021, the Diaspora website aims to establish and promote an active network of civil society organisations in Guinea-Bissau.

The website provides access to detailed information, contacts of organisations and their respective areas of intervention that promote development in Guinea-Bissau, inspiring stories of personalities from the Diaspora, videos, publications, and up-to-date news. The website is organised into 6 tabs: Quem somos (who we are); Nô Rede (Our Network); Djumbai (Meeting); Acontece (Happening); Djubi (to See); Contacts.

To facilitate access to information, promoting important events and activities of the Guinean Diaspora, this website provides up-to-date political, social, and cultural content of interest to civil society organisations and individuals on the Acontece tab.

You can find the Diaspora website here and access information about Bissau-Guinean civil society organisations, as well as recent news articles about the Diaspora.

The Diaspora website was developed as part of the Ianda Guiné! Djuntu Action.

Implemented by IMVF, Ianda Guinea! Djuntu is one of 8 Actions of the Ianda Guiné! Nó lanta, nó pega – a European Union programme of social and economic opportunities for the people of Guinea-Bissau.

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