Presented on June 21st, 2023, at Ianda Guiné! Djuntu Action Office in Bissau, the study “Mapping Diaspora Organisations and Their Contribution to Guinea-Bissau’s Development (2016-2021)” is now available online.

This study mapped the organisations of the Bissau-Guinean diaspora to diagnose and analyse their activities and the impact they could have on the social and economic development of the different regions of Guinea-Bissau.

Several physical copies of the study are currently available at the Permanent Support Offices of Ianda Guiné! Djuntu. You can consult the study here.

To promote capacity building, participation and concerted dialogue between organisations, this was the third study of four promoted by Ianda Guiné!  Djuntu Action and implemented by IMVF.

Implemented by IMVF, Ianda Guinea! Djuntu is one of 8 Actions of the Ianda Guiné! Nó lanta, nó pega – a European Union programme of social and economic opportunities for the people of Guinea-Bissau.

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