Today we introduce you to the new People & Planet Cookbook for Youth Collective Action!

This cookbook presents a series of recipes for youth-led collective change towards sustainability.

Why does this cookbook matter?

Young people have already proven to be key agents for development in national and local contexts. But they often feel it is difficult to make the difference in a structured and meaningful way. There are several ways for young people to realise their full potential and contribute to transformative change, by developing individual action into collective action.

Youth councils, marketing, campaigning, and fighting greenwashing: our P&P young activists came up with essential ingredients for a successful recipe under each of these approaches.

These recipes came out of a 1h30 discussion during the third edition of the European Youth Event 2023 in Strasbourg. 20 young European citizens took part in this brainstorming session, which was led by Órla Hayes and Sli (Ireland), Maria Fiorino and WeWorld (Italy), Artur Szlęzak and Kupuj Odpowiedzialnie (Poland) and Iulia-Maria Ioniță and Agenda 21 – a big thank you to all!

People and Planet: A Common Destiny is a pan-European project to mobilise young citizens and global authorities in the fight against Climate Change. It is funded by the European Union through the DEAR Programme, with co-financing from Camões, I.P., involving 17 organisations (local authorities and CSOs) from 8 EU Member States and Cape Verde, under the coordination of the Loures Municipality. In Portugal, the project is implemented by the consortium composed by the Municipality of Loures, IMVF, RICD and FUEL.

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