Awareness-raising campaings for the riverside communities, on the environment and the fight against communicable diseases

Cape Verde


Overall: prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, promotion of good practices on public health for the prevention of pandemics such as typhus and cholera, and environmental protection especially in riverside areas.

Specific: contribute to change the attitudes and behaviours of the general population, in particular the residents in the beneficiary communities of this project, about sexually transmitted diseases and other pandemics (zika, malaria and dengue), as well as about environmental protection and preservation; and to reinforce the knowledge of businesses and institutions responsible for public health and the environment, about the concerns and challenges faced by the beneficiary communities in these two sectors, while ensuring a greater engagement of all in the search for continuous improvement.


Direct: residents in the communities of Achada Grande Frente, Achada Grande Trás, Sao Tome and Jamaica.

Indirect: Population of Cape Verde.




Ecovisão Cape Verde