Structural Actions for Nature Tourism in the São Nicolau Island

Cape Verde, São Nicolau Island

The project arises in the context of the national commitment to nature tourism for the São Nicolau Island and the need to create support infrastructures for this type of tourism.



Overall: make São Nicolau an international reference destination for nature tourism, in particular for hiking, trail running and BTT.

Specific: implement a network of walking and BTT trails, based on a central route (main itinerary), divided into stages and 9 complementary routes, thoroughly tested, characterised, and marked.


Direct: Local and community associations and the residents where the defined routes pass bay.

Indirect: Population of the São Nicolau Island and visitors.




  • Identification and production of technical and cartographic information about tourism routes.
  • Identification of existing support services along the routes and their classification.
  • Collection of information on natural, historical, cultural and landscape heritage, rural life, geosites, communities and community associations and the provision of services along the Main Route and complementary routes;
  • Development of the concept, the design of the signs, the dimensions and type of materials to be used, and the production and placement of the physical signage system along the Main Route;
  • Dissemination of São Nicolau routes and other relevant information for the promotion of the island as a destination for nature tourism, on specialised freeware platforms (free software);
  • Presentation of the Saniclau Trails brand at the opening of Meetup Trekking 2019.