CivAct – EU Citizenship & Interculturality

Building the skills and capacity of migrants, refugees and the EU citizenship to actively and democratically participate in the civic domain of EU

Portugal, Cyprus, Spain, France, Greece and Italy

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Enhance the debate about policies and values of the European Union, promoting citizens participation, including refugees and migrants, in building narratives to foster intercultural dialogues, mutual understanding and the creation of more inclusive and fair societies.


  • Create a Management Committee that monitors all project’s activities.
  • Implement a survey and enhance a focus group to monitor the population’s perceptions and the stereotypes on migration and European policies addressing these issues.
  • Select and enhance a youth volunteers group (18 to 30 years old) to be engaged on the awareness raising activities and on the reflection concerning migration and intercultural topics, with the aim to analyse existing stereotypes and build a narrative.
  • Promote structured dialogues and workshops with the participation of policy makers and experts at European level, youth, migrants, Local Authorities and citizens.
  • Organise a national conference to analyse causes and effects of migration crisis and debate the narrative proposed by the volunteer youth group.
  • Implement an international intercultural festival, in Italy, with participants from all the countries participating in the project.



  • Culture et Développement
  • FELCOS Umbria
  • COPE


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