Coerê the pillar for a Fairer, more Decent and Sustainable Development



Overall: raise the awareness and critical understanding of glocal interdependencies, and to strengthen the value of Policy Coherence for Development (PCD) as a cornerstone for development policies, towards a decent life for all.

Specific: contribute to awareness-raising and mobilisation of citizens and local networks on thematic areas in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), through their active participation in advocating and fostering PCD; to reinforce the understanding and implementation of PCD among policy makers, ministerial officials and local actors’ networks, especially on the issues of food security, migration, security, climate change, and finance and trade.


  • National and European policy makers;
  • Government officials;
  • Non-Governmental Development Organisations (NGDOs);
  • Networks of local actors;
  • General public.




  • FEC – Fundação Fé e Cooperação
  • CIDSE – Coopération Internationale pour le Développement et la Solidarité