More and Better EU Aid Volunteers: enhancing technical capacity of European organisations and improving opportunities for EU citizens to participate in humanitarian aid actions

Portugal, Italy, Spain, Estonia, Latvia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Slovenia, Hungary,

The project strengthens the capacities of sending organizations intending to participate to EU Aid Volunteers Initiative ensuring compliance with standards and procedures to apply for certification: the action aims at contributing to increase the quality and provide needs-based humanitarian aid (HA) within the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative with the practical involvement of platforms and organizations.




  • Mapping and needs assessment of civil society organisations engaged in Humanitarian Action;
  • E-learning training;
  • International residential training of trainers with 18 experts;
  • 9 national trainings;
  • Online toolkit, upscaling of the toolkit developed in previous EU Aid Volunteers project;
  • 7 exchanges of staff between certified sending organizations and prospecting certified partners;
  • Final conference and meeting;
  • Communication/dissemination activities: university talks, videos production, conferences, communication material production.




  • GVC (Italy),
  • APS (Spain),
  • EEsti PtP (Estonia),
  • NGO SC (Cyprus),
  • LAPAS – plataforma nacional (Latvia),
  • JKC (Lithuania),
  • SLOGA – plataforma nacional (Slovenia),
  • HAND – plataforma nacional (Hungary)
  • Universidade de Bolonha (Italy)




Toolkit for local organizations: