Nô Fia Na Crias – Integrated Cooperative and Community System for Poultry, Goat Farming and By-Products for the Cacheu Region



Overall: contribute to food and nutritional security with the aim of achieving food sovereignty in the Cacheu region through the implementation of sustainable poultry and goat production.

Specific: develop an integrated cooperative and community system for poultry, goat farming, and by-products that increases the availability and access to protein sources and that contributes to the improvement of living conditions of livestock farmers.


Direct: 150 women dedicated to poultry farming, 30 feed producers, 12 women focal points in the sale of chickens, 15 goat farmers, 30 paraveterinarians, 80 farmers/producers that are cooperative associates and 10 employees involved in the production and processing of poultry, totalising 327 households that represent a total of 2.289 people.

Indirect: 192.010 residents in the Cacheu region.


  • Cooperativa Agropecuária de Jovens Quadros de Canchungo (COAJOQ);
  • Acção para o Desenvolvimento (AD)
  • Instituto Piaget, Cooperativa para o Desenvolvimento Humano, Integral e Ecológico CRL