This project focuses on the importance of raising citizens’ awareness on the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and it acts in a context of dissemination and support to the SDGs, so that these might be legitimated and appropriated by the Portuguese citizens on their everyday life. The mobilization around the SDG assumes its role equally in the reinforcement of solidarity, between people and in the promotion of an active and complete Global Citizenship. Citizens who are more aware of global interdependence are also more conscious of the need to mobilize around processes of dignified inclusive and sustainable development.



Overall: contributing to the promotion and implementation of the 2030 Agenda through effective and innovative communication channels

Specific: encouraging citizens to adopt SDG related behaviour in their daily lives reinforcing their action in favour of social and global justice


  • 17 young people constituting the “SDG Team” network;
  • 75 people participating in the SDG workshops;
  • 8.000 people reached and evolved in the Multichannel SDG 2030 and SDG Yearbook;
  • 1.000 people contributing to the collaborative manual, and
  • 2.000 reached people.




This project wishes to:

  • Implement a system for communication, visibility, management and evaluation
  • Promote the creation of the network “SDG Team”
  • Co-construct innovative tools for global education for the application of the SDGs
  • Create a communication kit for the SDG
  • Implement and promote a multichannel SDG 2030
  • Promote a Yearbook “365 days of SDG”
  • Elaborate and disseminate a collaborative manual “Sustainable Development Goals: our common future”
  • Organize 5 workshops on the SDG



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