Social & Solidarity Economy as Development Approach for Sustainability (SSEDAS) in EYD 2015 and beyond

Portugal, Italy, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Malta, Spain, Poland, Check Republic, Greece, Estonia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, France, UK, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Belgium, Latvia, Ireland

In all the territories where the project will be implemented, work on Development Cooperation and on Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) has been mainly carried out in two separate strands within different communities and networks. But these strands have always had common elements and there are some organizations working for “bridging that gap”. This consortium is based on this kind of organizations, all of them active in Development Cooperation or DEAR and in different sectors of Social and Solidarity Economy (Fair Trade, Sustainable Consumption, Sustainable Production, Responsible Tourism, Decent work, Microcredit, Co-operative movement, Local economy, Solidarity food and agriculture systems, Corporate Social Responsibility).



Overall: to contribute to a coherent and comprehensive response to the universal challenges of poverty eradication and sustainable development, ensuring a Decent Life for All by 2030.

Specific: to enhance the competences of Development Networks and Social and Solidarity Economy Networks in 46 territories concerning the role that Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) can play in the global fight against poverty and to promote a sustainable way of living.


NGOs already working on Development Education Awareness Raising and International Cooperation; Social and Solidarity Economy Committees; Local Authorities dealing with Development Cooperation, economic and local planning; other Civil Society organisations. At least 20 organisations will be involved in each territory.



R1. Good Practices are exchanged between and in Development Networks and in Social and Solidarity Economy Networks
1.1: Identification of good practices in 9 Developing Countries and in 46 territories in Europe.
1.2: N° 46 dialogue-oriented workshops;
1.3: N° 1 video-reportage.

R2. Competences of European NGOs and Public Institutions on the linkage between Social and Solidarity Economy and fight against poverty are enhanced
2.1: Training for multipliers;
2.2: N° 92 Local events;
2.3: N° 2 International meetings;
2.4: Advocacy and lobbying activities;
2.5: Testimonial mascot;
2.6: Specific graphic products.

R3 Public awareness of European citizens on linkage between Social and Solidarity Economy and fight against poverty will be raised starting from 2015, European Year of Development
3.1: Launch campaign meeting in Milan Expo 2015;
3.2: Tour of speakers from Developing Countries;
3.3: Interactive online map and smartphone application;
3.4: Film contest and film festivals;
3.5: Website and facebook page;
3.6: Media campaign in EYD 2015.

0.1: Overall coordination;
0.2: Monitoring and reporting;
0.3: Internal and external evaluation;
0.4: Communication and visibility plan;
0.5: Participation in EuropeAid seminars.



COSPE; Südwind Agentur; SOS-FAIM; Balkan Institute for Labour and Social Policy; DEŠA – Dubrovnik; CARDET; Ekumenická akademie Praha – EAP; NGO Mondo; Pro Ethical Trade Finland; Ressources Humaines Sans frontières; INKOTA-netzwerks; Fair Trade Hellas; Cromo Foundation; Foundation for Development of Democratic Rights; Fair Watch Cooperazione e Mondialità; Waterford One World Centre; Green Liberty; KOPIN; Alliance of Associations Polish Green Network; Fundatia Terra Mileniul III; Slovak Centre for Communication and Development; Peace Institute – Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies; Centro de Estudios Rurales y de Agricultura Internacional /CERAI; The Co-operative College; Think Global



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