Solidarity and Community Tourism in the Maio Island







Promote solidarity and sustainable tourism, strengthen and diversify the tourist offer in the Maio Island, by increasing income generating activities and participatory techniques promotion, contributing to the improvement of the population’s living standards.



• Increase and improve tourist offer in the communities,through sustainable and solidarity economy practices,by rehabilitating and making public spaces more dynamic, equip juvenile centres kitchens, promote radio programmes, cleaning campaigns, house rehabilitation
in several sites, awareness raising and capacity building actions.

• Upgrade and foster traditional economic activities by reconverting fishing activities for tourism, diversify farm products for local feed, develop actions for animal farming and other economic activities, as well as the creation of a Community Social Fund.

• Promote and endure participatory governance processes, with a special focus on tourism, by enhancing associations, training on freedom of association, hotel business, cooking, food security and hygiene, small business management, promotion of social innovation initiatives and youth entrepreneurship, and participatory budget training targeting policy makers and parliamentarians of the Municipal Assembly.




SDTIBM – Sociedade de Desenvolvimento Turístico das Ilhas da Boa Vista e Maio; Maio Municipality; Loures Municipality