The IMVF project “Health for All: tackling non-communicable diseases” is intended to support the national health system of Sao Tome and reduce the number of deaths related to non-communicable diseases – which according to the WHO account for 60% of the total deaths around the world.

The latest data released by the World Health Organization (WHO) show about 36 million deaths in 2008 due to non-communicable diseases – among the most common – are related cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, cancer and diabetes. The number is expected to double by 2030.

Often associated with richer countries, these diseases are already a serious health problem on a global scale increasingly affecting low and medium developing countries where healthcare systems still have many limitations. In Sao Tome and Principe, due to the increase of life expectancy over the last years, the data confirms this new reality.

Aware of the numbers, and knowing the local reality in Sao Tome and Principe, IMVF proposes to reduce the rates of morbidity and mortality recorded at the national level through better intervention in the monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of these diseases, coupled with more training for healthcare technicians and population awareness raising, warning of the many risk factors associated to these diseases.

Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, diabetes, multiple trauma, oncology, mental health, neonatal diseases and addictions to alcohol, tobacco and drugs are being dealt with by the project “Health for All: Tackling non-communicable disease” which is currently being implemented.

After the extensive work of prevention and control of infectious diseases – including HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria – and the provision of an integrated healthcare system to the population, with very significant results and impact, IMVF aims to respond to the current needs of the population, drawing attention to the adoption of healthy behaviours and seeking to counter the current behavioural risks.

The project has as main activities to support the integration of this issues into national policies and strategies; the training and capacity building of Sao Toméan healthcare professionals and technicians; equipping national healthcare facilities to control, diagnose and treat non-communicable diseases, chronic diseases and other diseases related with risk behaviour; information sessions and awareness-raising campaigns.

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