Hospital Ayres de Menezes in São Tomé received four Portuguese teams in the first two months of 2013 as part of project “Heath for All: Integrated Programme – Project for Specialised Care and Telemedicine”.

Paediatric Surgery specialists of the D. Estefania Hospital, the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal and the Reboleira Clinic carried out approximately 280 appointments and 84 surgical procedures, in the week from the January the 14th to 29th. Following this mission MD Zínia Serafim, head of mission, stated that 120 patients will continue to be monitored.

From January the 29th to February the 12th there was an Ophthalmology mission, with a team of four elements from the Egas Moniz Hospital and the Amadora Sintra Hospital, headed by MD Luís Dias Pereira, which carried out 510 appointments, 83 surgeries and over 80 exams.

In February there was also an Otolaryngology mission headed by PhD João Paço, chief of staff of CUF Infante Santo Hospital, which carried out 61 speciality appointments, 89 audiophonology appointments, 33 speech therapy appointments, 116 impedanciometry exams, 86 audiograms, 24 auditory evoked potentials and 25 surgery procedures.

Headed by MD Pedro Monteiro from Egas Moniz Hospital, the most recent Urology mission will take place between the 26th of February and March the 5th having as expectation 100 appointments and 25 surgeries.

For the following months, new field missions are already prepared, with the support of experts from numerous Portuguese medical institutions that make possible regular monitoring of clinical cases and patient monitoring through telemedicine appointments.

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