On November the 7th, the Quilombo Community National March was held in Brasilia. Coming from the all over Brazil to guarantee their right to the land, fairer public social policies, the right to sustainable development and respect of their culture, religion and traditions.

About 3,000 Quilombo were expected in a demonstration in the Senate at the Human Rights and Participative Legislation Commission, under the motto “Brazil is also Quilombo”. The ACONERUQ – Association of Black Rural Quilombo Communities of Maranhão, the partner organisation of IMVF in project ?The Quilombo Path’ also participated in the march with 52 Quilombo of Maranhão that  claimed public policies for the Quilombo population and the right to land amonst other claims.

“(…) The rights, we do not have yet. Are they in the federal constitution, the rights? They are. (…) It says there is free passage for all Brazilian citizens. Coming and going (…). And then I wonder: is it possible that only we do not have those rights? (…) ” said Tinoco of Quilombo Santa Maria dos Pinheiros, Maranhão, in an interview to IMVF in 2009 concerning the struggle for land rights.

There was also a public hearing on the Quilombo communities and the regularisation of the lands where they live. The hearing was attended, among others, by the Minister of the Secretariat for Policies to Promote Racial Equality, Luiza Bairros.

More information on the Quilombo communities here.

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