The IMVF held the first launch session of the Ianda Guinea! Djuntu, in the context of Ianda Guinea!, a program of the European Union, on the morning of January 15, 2020, in the Conference Room of IBAP – Institute of Biodiversity and Protected Areas, in the District of Luanda, Bissau, Guinea-Bissau.

Ianda Guinea! Djuntu aims to support citizens of Guinea-Bissau to organize themselves collectively to seek solutions to the problems of their own community and participate in solving national challenges.

From January 15th onwards the launch sessions of the Ianda Guinea! Djuntu took place in all regions of Guinea-Bissau, followed by sessions of clarification on the axes of Action Ianda Guinea! Djuntu, namely: the GAP (Office of Permanent Support, including Grant and Institutional Strengthening) and the Axis of Knowledge, Communication and Partnerships.

▪ Bissau Autonomous Sector – Place: IBAP | January 15th | 9am
▪ Biombo Region, Quinhamel – Place: State Committee | January 16th | 9am
▪ Bafatá Region, Bafatá – Place: ASPAAB, in Bairro Cuburnel, near Natural Resources | January 21st | 9am
▪ Gabú Region, Gabú – Place: Centro Multifuncional de Juventude | January 22nd | 9am
▪ Cacheu Region, Canchungo – Place: Mário Pereira Hotel | January 17th | 9am
▪ Oio Region, Mansoa – Place: Parish Center | January 16th | 9am
▪ Tombali Region, Catió – Place: Catió Resource Center, near APP Headquarters | 22 January | 9am
▪ Region of Quínara, Buba – Place: Buba Resource Center next to the Parrot Radio | January 21st | 9am
▪ Bolama Bijagós Region, Bubaque – Place: near Radio Djan-Djan | 18 January | 9am

Ianda Guinea! is a European Union programme for and with the population of Guinea-Bissau totalling EUR 44 million for the period 2019-2024. A set of eight complementary, coherent and harmonised actions that aim to promote solutions to social problems and new economic opportunities: Ianda Guinea! Arrus (mangrove rice row); Ianda Guinea! Djuntu (initiatives of organized citizen collectives), Ianda Guinea! Estradas (rural tracks); Ianda Guiné! Chickens (poultry sector); Ianda Guinea! Hortas (horticultural row); Ianda Guinea! Kume dritu (food security and nutrition); Ianda Guinea! Lus ku iagu (energy, water and sanitation); Ianda Guinea! Saùdi (health).


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