The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development comprises an ambitious pledge for “leaving no one behind” and its fulfilment requires a shared responsibility by various development actors at national, regional and local levels. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the guiding framework to everyone’s efforts towards a more socially just world, more environmentally sustainable and more economically developed with less inequality.

Overcoming many of the challenges identified by the SDGs and reaching its targets depends on municipalities and local governments, which are well positioned to meet and respond directly to people’s needs and aspirations, as well as to inform citizens and motivate them to act towards the SDGs. Therefore, it is necessary to inform, mobilise, train, empower, and promote the ownership of SDGs in municipalities.

Within this context, the study “Towards 2030: Municipalities and Sustainable Development Goals”, by Patrícia Magalhães Ferreira, elaborated within the scope of the project: “Towards 2030: Campaign for the promotion of SDGs and Development Education and Global Citizenship”, implemented by IMVF, the Oeiras Municipality and the Inter-municipality Network for Development Cooperation (RICD) and financed by Camões – Cooperation and Language Institute, I.P. provides Portuguese municipalities with groundwork for knowledge and action, through training and mobilisation that enable SDGs’ integration into their local contexts, and therefore to enhance their effective impact on global transformation.


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