Campaign for the promotion of SDGs and Development Education and Global Citizenship Education



Regional and local governments play a key role in implementing Agenda 2030 through action at the local level, the level closest to citizens. Indeed, despite the global nature of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), their achievement depends on our ability to make them a reality in our cities and regions.

Local governments build bridges between central governments and local communities and can therefore play an important role in promoting the involvement of Civil Society Organisations, the private sector, universities and other community organisations in development challenges.

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The Towards 2030 campaign is the commitment of the RICD (Intermunicipal Development Cooperation Network) to deliver on the 2030 Agenda: Transforming our World and thereby contributing to a fairer, more dignified, inclusive and sustainable world. Our World.


From September 2019 to August 2021, through the elaboration of studies, (in)training plans and awareness-raising and training activities, we will strengthen and expand the work already begun with the IADN – which currently involves some 20 municipalities – by training their technicians and policy makers on the new Agenda 2030 and the transformational role of Education for Development and Global Citizenship. Municipalities will be mobilized and supported in building and implementing a campaign aimed directly at their citizens to promote the adoption of attitudes and behaviors that make sustainable development a reality.


Ensure that, through the “localization” process of Agenda 2030, municipalities assume their privileged position to adopt strategies, policies and actions that contribute to the pursuit of SDGs. As the closest form of governance to the people, municipalities are ideally placed to carry out awareness raising actions on the importance of the SDGs. But raising awareness of SDGs is not only about making the Goals known to citizens. It is above all empowering citizens to take action and participate in making it happen in their daily lives. This empowerment will be given in a dynamic, direct, committed, critical and assertive way through Global Citizenship and Development Education. It is on this axis of awareness – action – mobilisation that we will focus the campaign Towards 2030.


2020/04/23 Towards 2030: Municipalities and Sustainable Development Goals

Footer photo: United Nations, New York | September 23rd 2019 | UN Photo/Manuel Elias | Sustainable Development Goal Blocks

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