Towards 2030

Campaign for the promotion of SDGs and Development Education and Global Citizenship Education



Regional and local governments play a key role in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, through actions at the local level, the level of action closest to citizens. Indeed, despite the global character of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), their implementation depends on our ability to make them a reality in our cities and regions. Local governments build bridges between central governments and local communities and should therefore play an important role in promoting the involvement of civil society organizations, the private sector, universities and other community organizations in development issues.

The “Rumo a  2030” project will reinforce and broaden the work already begun with the Inter-municipal Development Cooperation Network (RICD) – which currently involves about 20 municipalities – by training their technicians and policy makers on the new 2030 Agenda and the transformative role of Education for Development and Global Citizenship. Municipalities will be mobilized and supported in the construction and implementation of a campaign directed to their citizens to promote the adoption of attitudes and behaviors that make sustainable development a reality.



  • 22 Portuguese municipalities
  • 220 municipal technicians and policy makers (150 women and 70 men)
  • 1 million citizens
  • 35 local and national media organizations
  • 22 Local Civil Society Organizations



Overall: Promote global policies for sustainable and inclusive development and ensure mobilization and active involvement of citizens in support of the SDGs.

Specific: reinforce the role of 22 Portuguese municipalities in the promotion of Education for Development and Global Citizenship and sustainable development, in order to contribute to citizens’ knowledge about the importance of local action for the achievement of the SDGs, motivating them to act for fair and sustainable global development.



This project aims to:

  • Preparation of a study on SDGs and municipal policies;
  • Creation of a National Training Plan on SDGs and Education for Development and Global Citizenship;
  • Creation of a training manual and dissemination of materials;
  • Production of materials and tools for the campaign for the promotion of SDGs and glocal interdependencies;
  • Implementation of a local and national campaign for the promotion of the SDGs and holding of mobilization events and citizen actions “Towards 2030”;
  • Preparation and dissemination of materials for the campaign “Towards 2030”;
  • Holding of RICD coordination meetings and the “Towards 2030” campaign;
  • Good practice mapping and resource sharing;
  • Strengthening the functioning and extension of the IADR.



  • RICD
  • Oeiras municipality




2020/04/23 Towards 2030: Municipalities and Sustainable Development Goals