As part of Guinea-Bissau’s effort to address the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the Permanent Support Office (GAP) of Action Ianda Guinea! Djuntu launches today, April 24th, a regional fund to support Collectives of Organized Citizens (CCO) that are working to combat COVID-19. A clarification session that will be broadcast via radio today, April 24th, will provide details about the functioning of this new fund. More information can also be found on the information boards of the Ianda Guinea Action offices! Djuntu, present in all regions of the country.

For more information and clarification you can contact the regional representatives of Ianda Guinea Action! Djuntu on the following telephone numbers from Guinea-Bissau – Bissau and Biombo: 95 652 66 70; Cacheu: 95 652 66 71; Oio: 95 652 66 72; Bafatá: 95 652 66 73; Gabu: 95 652 66 74; Quinara; 95 652 66 75; Tombali: 95 652 66 76; Bolama, Bijagós: 95 652 66 77.

In total 4 projects will be funded in each region that aim to strengthen the response capacities of the OCCs in the process of awareness raising and civic education on the prevention and combating of COVID-19.

Supporting documents for this fund are available here and can be consulted at the regional offices of the Action.

Interested OCOs can send their application proposals through or at the regional offices of Action Ianda Guinea! Djuntu, Monday to Friday, from 8am to 11am, starting today, April 24th.

Organisations that are working on the prevention of OVID-19 and need support now have this possibility. The deadline for submission of proposals is May 4th, 2020.

The Ianda Guinea! Djuntu – implemented by IMVF within Ianda Guinea!, a European Union program of social and economic opportunities for the population of Guinea-Bissau – aims to contribute to the citizens of Guinea-Bissau to be protagonists in the resolution of collective problems and strengthen the participation and action of Organized Citizens Collectives to solve their problems.

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